The Concept

The adventure.

I always love to expand my knowledge and share my experiences with others. With this knowledge in many fields, I always try to simplify the information obtained and make it easier for others to follow. Einstein once said, “If you can not explain it simply, you just did not understand it well enough.” Then learn in depth and pass on to others in a simple way. Culture is such only if shared. 

Even though my work culture was technology-oriented, I have always enjoyed the aspects of social and cultural life. Interested in art, wine & food, economics & finance, and much more, I try to live my life intensely even though I often need my own time and space. 

As an entrepreneur of information technology in Italy for so many years after selling my company, I am now orienting towards the tourist industry and set my hotel residence on the basis of my interests, knowledge and philosophy of my life. Offering excellence and making it easier for people to appreciate the places I offer them to go. Not only typical holidays of sun, nightlife and food, but also comfort in the residence and why not even a touch of art and good wine without getting muddled. 

The paintings you will find in the complex are authorized copies on canvas (print on canvas) and have been analyzed by an Italian art expert. I then reviewed the analysis and made the descriptions a little more simply to explain and show their history and style. Kandinsky Rapallo bouteI did some research for a while before choosing the paintings and based my choice considering a) whether the picture was well known to the audience b) the various stylistic phases of the painters c) their psychology, the problems they had faced with their lives and the effects on their paintings, d) if the painting is somehow present in visiting museums and e) the size of the paintings. I ordered the size of the paintings exactly how they are in original except for 5 which were so large that it would not be possible to enter the complex. The latter were done to 50%. Close to each paint you will find a simple legend (label) with the artist’s name, the initial name of the painting, the date of creation and the place where the original is exposed. I have also included some translations in 4 languages ​​for better clarify and precision. The analysis of the cadres will be placed on the website in several languages ​​(for now only 4, ie English, Italian, Greek and Russian, but will increase with time). In the future, a book will be created that will contain everything. 

Another aspect of the complex is the wines. I love wine and since 2001 I got the diploma of “Sommelier” from the Italian Sommelier Association. In the residence and in the Wine shop at the reception, the wines were chosen by me and imported directly from the producers. For now I’m more familiar with Italian wines, but in the near future I will analyse the local wines considering the excellent quality and suit the philosophy of the residence. I have created a small vademecum on wine tasting to make it easy to understand the goodness of wine and how to appreciate it without falling into the usual incomprehensible rhetoric of so-called “experts”. I used simple words and a practical way to introduce you to the world of wine by trying to guide you “by the hand” to the compression, appreciation and pleasure of this drink. 

The residence also facilitates a private Wine Club which guests have free access to, during the period of their stay. They will be able to taste good wine, national and international cheese and premium cigars in smoking areas. In collaboration with the restaurant’s chef next door, I also created a menu for food. This is also another reflection of my life experience, my knowledge and the desire to offer those who will appreciate it, pleasant culinary moments with careful and quality cuisine. Few classic international dishes cooked precisely with products of excellence. Over time, seasonal dishes will also be added. 

Art & Wine Studios and Apts is a dynamic project and I will always try to improve it with discretion. Enjoy.